… works passionately & tirelessly for his clients…

With great pleasure I want to share my experience of buying a home thru the Real estate broker Mr. Deepak Hemrajani. We started looking for the home of my dreams approximately 2 years before we actually found it! As you can imagine it was a nerve wracking and very emotionally draining ordeal. Along with my wife and two grown kids, we worked very hard round the clock for two years to fulfill our goal of upgrading to a better and bigger home. However I confess that we are very picky and the hardest family to please and had various constraints, and never could be satisfied even as we saw hundreds of available homes. As a result we were riding an emotional roller coaster, at times in disagreement with each other, and at times even so depressed that we wanted to quit.

In the initial stages many agents did quit on us, until we found Deepak Hemrajani, while checking one of his listings. Deepak Hemrajani made the process seamless for us. He is a genuinely & tremendously positive person and works passionately & tirelessly for his clients, and will not give up on them. In spite of his thriving business with a vast inventory of homes, and a very busy schedule, he was available to us at the touch of a button! Moreover, he works with a brilliant smile and the greatest attitude. His professionalism, friendly manner, personalized service, fully understanding our goals & requirements, and a ton of help and support with various facets of searching and buying a home, including providing other best contacts with: Attorneys, Mortgage Broker, Home Engineers, Town officials, Contractors, etc, eventually made it possible for us to realize our dream.

Deepak has shaped a bright future for my family and made us a very happy family. The house we have bought is an ABSOLUTE FIT for us. They say that a dream house does not exist, but Deepak has proved that wrong and found us our dream house. Thank you Deepak Hemrajani.

— The Matlani Family