Deepak Hemrajani has achieved most of his success in the Real Estate business by working with clients from different diversities throughout Long Island and Manhattan, whether they were clients in the Sports Field or CEO’s of a company on the NASDAQ, Deepak knows how to provide information and service to those clients at any time of the day and fulfill their requirements. He is fully committed and invests in every buyer and seller need from A to Z. Deepak Hemrajani and his team believe in providing white glove treatment to all their clients, small or large.

Deepak looks at every transaction as if it was his own and treats his clients with total respect and communicates with them all details of the transaction and walks them through it step by step. Clients appreciate the impeccable service that Deepak and his team provide. The Deepak Hemrajani team believes in providing top notch customer service to their clients from providing Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Builders, Architects, Engineers and these are just some of the services that come with this team. Deepak Hemrajani considers his team and himself to be a one stop shop for all Real Estate needs.

Further setting Deepak and his team apart from most experienced realtors is their network and it today’s lifestyle this team speaks 9 languages making the world a closer place.

Deepak’s passion for the business drives him 24 hours a day to do what he loves doing best and that is putting buyers and sellers together at the closing table to close on a transaction.